My Guards and my

Angels by 

Lavora McCool


About Lavora


I am currently 29 years old. I wrote this book with the hope to stop the violence and get employment laws changed. Currently a Nursing Student. Graduated at the top of my class. A member of the a International Honor’s Society of Education, Kappa Delta Pi. I’m also a member of The Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievements. I’m happily married and all of my visions have been manifested. I wrote the vision & made it plain. They can do the same ;)


About  the Book

My Guards and My Angels tells the story of a queenpin who escaped the death angel simply by following her spiritual attributes. Her path, as rendered in this book, is based on a true story. The writer?s guards take the reader on a journey of struggle, while her angels were assigned to shield the writer. The book paints a picture of a lost female soul who was encouraged by her guards, who had crossed over to the other side. Her story demonstrates how to overcome fear, anxiety, pain, depression, and emotional distress.


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